Bye Bye Ya

Dongsook Kim (KOR) - October 2018
Bye Bye Ya(빠이빠이야) by So Myung(소명)

Intro : 48 counts

Restart : After 16 counts on wall 3 and wall 10

S1: Walk × 3, Kick, Back×3, Touch
1-4Step RF forward RF-LF-RF, Kick LF forward RF
5-8Step LF backward LF-RF-LF, Touch RF next to LF
S2: Hip Bump R × 4, L × 4
1-4R Hip bumping at the same time step RF side to R, R Hip bump×3
(Option: 1-4 raise your right hand from L-R)
5-8L Hip bumping at the same time step LF side to L, L Hip bump×3
(Option: 5-8 raise your left hand from R-L)
S3: 1/4 Turn, Point, Fwd, Point, 1/4 Turn Jazz Box
1-2Turn 1/4 to R and weight on RF(3:00), Point LF side to L
3-4Step LF forward RF, Point RF side to R
5-6Cross RF over LF, Turn 1/4 to R step LF backward RF(6:00)
7-8Step RF side to R, Cross LF over RF
S4: Shuffle, Back Rock, Vine L,Touch
1&2Step RF side to R, Step LF next to RF, Step RF side to R
3-4Rock LF back , Recover on RF
5-6Step LF side to L, Cross RF behind LF
7-8Step LF side to L, Touch RF next to LF
(*Easy Option: 1-4 Vine Right)

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