Barn Burner

Rob Fowler (ES) - July 2018
Barn Burner by Dan Davidson

S1: R Toe, Heel, Triple Step, L Toe, Heel, Triple Step
1,2Touch R toe Diagonally Fwd (R heel turned out), Touch R heel Fwd(R toe Turned out)
3&4R Triple Step in place RLR
5,6Touch L toe Diagonally Fwd (L heel turned out), Touch L heel Fwd(L toe Turned out)
7&8L Triple Step in place LRL
S2: R Heel Fwd, L Toe Back, R Shuffle Fwd, Rock Step, Shuffle Back
1,2Touch R heel Fwd, Touch R toe back
3&4R Shuffle Fwd (RLR)
5,6Rock Fwd L, Recover on R
7&8Shuffle Back L (LRL)
S3: Diagonally Back R, Clap x2, Diagonally Back L, Clap x2, Rock Step, Shuffle Fwd
1&2Step R diagonally Back R, Clap hands twice
3&4Step L diagonally back L, Clap hands twice
5,6Rock back step R, recover fwd L
7&8R shuffle Fwd (RLR)
S4: Jazz Box, Full Turn R into Chasse
1,2Cross L over R, Step back R
3,4Step L to L side, Touch R next to L
5,6Make ¼ turn R stepping fwd R, Make ½ turn R stepping back L
7&8Make ¼ turn R Chasse R (RLR)
S5: Cross Rock Step , Side, ½ Turn Rock Fwd, Step Together, Repeat on R
1&2&Cross Rock L Heel over R , Recover back R, Rock L heel to L side , Recover
3&4Make ½ Hinge turn L rocking L heel to L side, Recover onto R, Step L next to R
5&6&Cross Rock R Heel over L, Recover back on L, Rock R heel to R Side , Recover
7&8Make ½ Hinge turn R rocking R heel to R, Recover onto L, Step R next to L
*(Easy Option)
*7&8 L Rock Fwd, Side, L Sailor step, R Rock Fwd, Side, R Sailor step
S6: Cross Rock L, Chasse L ¼ turn, Step ½ pivot, Walk Walk
1,2Cross Rock L over R, Recover to R
3&4Chasse L making ¼ turn L (LRL)
5,6Step Fwd R, make ½ turn L
7,8Walk fwd R, Walk Fwd L
Start Over