Fake it 'til You Make it

Phrased Intermediate
Jean-Pierre Madge (CH) - September 2018
Hold On - Nano

Sequence: A-A-B-B-Tag-A-A16-B-B-A-B-B

Part A: 32 counts
Big step Back, Coaster Cross, Step Turn Basics, Side, Sweep
1Big Step R back
2&3Step L back, Step R next L, Cross L over R
4&5Step R to R, ¼ L Step L forward, ¼ L big step Step R to R (6 o’clock)
6&7-8Rock L behind R, Recover, Step L to L, Bring R behind L and Sweep L

Behind Side Step, Walk, Rock ½ , Triple 1 ¼ turn and Basic
1&2Cross L behind R, Step R to R, Step L forward
3-4&Walk R, Rock L forward, Recover
5-6&½ L Step L forward, ½ Step, ½ L Step L forward (12 o’clock)
7-8&¼ L Big Step R to R, Rock L behind R, Recover on R (9 o’clock)
Restart: To do the restart facing 6 o’clock, do only a triple full turn left on 6&7 (to 6 o’clock), bring L next R on 8.

Side, Cross ½ Turn, Basic, Slow Rocking Chair
1-2&Big Step L to L, Cross R over L, ¼ R Step L back (12 o’clock)
3-4&¼ R Big step Step R to R, Rock L behind R, Recover on R (3 o’clock)
5-6¼ L Step L forward and Sweep R forward, Rock R forward bending your knees down low (12 o’clock)
7-8Recover up on L sweeping R back, Rock R back bending your knees again

Walk, Walk, Rock ½ turn, Prep, Triple Step, Rock, Recover
1-2Walk L,R
3&4Rock L forward, Recover, ½ L Step L forward (6 o’clock)
5-6&7Step R forward and Prep your body to do a full turn to your R, Full turn to R doing a triple step L,R,L (6 o’clock)
8&Rock R Forward, Recover

Part B: 16 counts
Rock and ¼ Rock, Cross and Behind, Unwind, Arms Up/Down
1-2&Rock R behind L, Recover, ¼ L Step R to R (9 o’clock)
3-4&Rock L behind R, Recover, Step L to L
5&6Cross R over L, Step L to L, Step R behind L
7&8Unwind ¾ R (6 o’clock), Raise both arms up, Bring arms to your chest crossing arms and bending knees (weight on L)

Side, Back-Back, Side, Sailor Step, Cross and Arabesque
1-2&Big Step R to R, 1/8 L step back L,R (4:30)
3-4&51/8 L Big Step L to L (3 o’clock), Cross R behind L, Step L to L, 1/8 R Step R forward (4:30)
6&7Cross L over R, 3/8 L Step R back, Step L back (12 o’clock)
&8Kick R back and Raise L arm Up, Pull L arm and R knee into body slightly crouched

Slow Walk, Slow Walk, Arms
1-2Walk R, Bring L hand to your head (1), Take the “patience” from your head and place it in front of you, slightly to the L (2) Keep your L arm forward
3&4Walk L, Hit your chest twice with R hand (3&), Extend R arm forward slightly to R (4)
5-6Step R next L, Bring both hands together, Arms still extended (5), Roll both hands up and bring hands in slowly (6),
7-8Bend knees slowly, still bringing hands in to you (7-8)

Start again and have fun!