Intermediate / Advanced
Daan Geelen (NL) - November 2018
Moves (feat. Snoop Dogg) - Olly Murs

Intro: 16 counts
**2 Restarts: Walls 2 & 5 after 15 counts

Section 1: Touch, Ball Step, Kick Out Out, Ball Cross, Step Side, Heel, Heel, Touch Back;
1 & 2Touch R next L, Step R in Place, Step L Fwd.
3 & 4Kick R Fwd, Step R to Rightside, Step L to Leftside.
& 5 6Step R next to L, Cross L over R, Step R to Rightside.
7 & 8¼ Turn L Twist L Heel in, Twist R Heel Out, Touch L Back.

Section 2: ½ Turn, Hold, BodyRoll Down, Hip Twist ¼ Turn;
1 2½ Turn Left (weight ends on L), Hold.
3 4BodyRoll Down (weight ends on R).
5&6&7in ¼ Turn Right Hip Bumps to L (Hip Out, Center, Out, Center, Out:
*(Restart) Walls 2 & 5
8Recover to R.

Section 3: Tap, Tap, Tap, Behind, Side, Cross, Touch Out In Out, ¼ Turn Close, Jump, Step Fwd;
1 & 2Tap L over R, Tap L in front of R, Tap L to Leftside.
3 & 4Step L behind R, Step R to Rightside, Cross L over R.
5 & 6Touch R out to Rightside, Touch R next to L, Touch R out to Rightside.
&7&8¼ Turn Right Close R next to L, Jump on both feet, Down on both feet, Step R Fwd

Section 4: ¾ Platform Spin, Jump Out, BodyRoll Up, Ball Cross, ¼ Turn Step Fwd, ¼ Turn Step Side, Heel, Toe, Heel;
1 2Turn on R ¾ Turn Left, Close L next to R.
& 3 4Step R Out, Step L Out, BodyRoll Up.
& 5 6Close L next to R, Cross R over L, Step L ¼ Turn Left Fwd
&7&8Step R ¼ Turn Left to Right side, Twist L Heel in, Twist R Toe in, Twist R Heel in (on the diagonal)

End Pose: Turn on R ¼ Turn Left Step L to Leftside Turn Body ¼ Turn to 12 o’clock with a pose (everything is in 1 count)

Start again! Enjoy!