Y'all Come

Country Novice
Bernard Canal (FR) - October 2018
Y'All Come - Lisa McHugh

Start : on the lyrics after the intro of 7 counts - No Tag No Restart

A[1-8] Rock Back, ½ Turn Shuffle, Rock Back, rock ¼ Turn R
1-2Step back from the R, recover on L
3&4Make ½ turn shuffle L 06:00
5-6Step back from the L, recover on R
7-8Step forward making a 1/4 Turn R, recover on R 09:00

B[1-8] Cross, Side, Behind & Heel, Cross, Side, Behind & Heel
1-2Cross L over R, R to R
3&4&Cross L behind R, R to R, tap L heel diagonally forward L, step L beside R
5-6Cross R over L, L to L
7&8&Cross R behind L, L to L, tap R heel diagonally forward R, step R beside L

C[1-8] Cross Shuffle R, Step R, ½ Turn L, Cross Shuffle L, Side Rock L, ¼ Turn R
1&2Cross L over R, Step R to R, cross L over R
3-4Step R to R, ½ Turn L 03:00
5&6Cross R over L, Step L to L, cross R over L
7-8Step L to L, ¼ Turn R, R feet in front 06:00

D[1-8] Heel & Heel, Rock forward, Coaster step L, Walk, Stomp
1&2&Touch L heel forward, bring L next to R, touch R heel forward, bring R next to L
3-4Step L forward, recover on R
5&6Step L backward, bring R beside L, step L forward
7-8Step R forward, tap L beside R

Final: The dance ends at Wall 9 . Make the first 8 accounts of section A and:
Sailor ¼ turn left, Step ½ turn L, Stomp
1&2L behind R, ¼ turn L and R beside L, L forward 06:00
3-4Step R forward, ½ turn L 12:00
5Tap R beside L


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Last Update - 26 Nov. 2018