A Kick & a Burn & a Dip & a Kick

Beginner +
Linda Nyholm (CAN) - November 2018
Don't Drink the Water (feat. Blake Shelton) - Brad Paisley

*In the 3rd section, every time they sing 'If you're going down to Mexico', you'll dip on the word ‘down’.

SECTION 1: Lindy right, vine left 1/4
1&2Step right to side, left beside right, right to side
3-4Rock back on left, recover to right
5-6Step left to side, right behind left
7-8Step Left ¼ to left, touch right beside left

SECTION 2: Vine right, Lindy left (9)
1-2Step right to side, left behind right
3-4Step right to side, touch left
5&6Step left to side, right beside left, left to side
7-8Rock back on right, recover to left.

SECTION 3: Side, together, dip, kick, behind, side, cross shuffle
1-2Step right to side, left beside right
3-4Dip, bending both knees, then, as you come, kick left diagonally fwd
5-6With a left sweep, step left behind, right to side
7&8Step left across right, right to side, step left across right

SECTION 4: Side rock, recover cross shuffle, hing turn ½ forward shuffle
1-2Rock right to side, recover to left
3&4Cross right over left, step left to side, cross right over left
5-6Step left back, turning ¼ step right ¼ fwd (3)
7&8Step left fwd, right beside left, left fwd

**One easy Restart—3rd sequence, at back wall, after 16 count (after left Lindy)

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Last Update - 1 Dec. 2018