Like You

Rex Chuan (USA) - December 2018
"Like You" by Kit Chan

Start the dance after 32 counts with vocal

S1: Cross Rock Recover Side, Cross Rock Recover Forward, Two Step Turn, Jazz Box Turn
12&34&RF rock behind LF(1), recover(2), RF R(&), LF rock behind RF(3), recover(4), LF forward(&)
5678R half turn and RF backward(5), R half turn and LF cross over RF(6), RF backward(7), L quarter turn and LF L(8) (3:00)

S2: Dorothy Step X2, Pencil Turn With Tap X4
12&34&RF step diagonally(1), LF lock behind RF(2), RF forward(&), LF step diagonally(3), RF lock behind LF(4), LF forward(&)
5678L quarter turn and RF tap R(5), L half turn and RF tap R(6), L half turn and RF tap R(7), L 3/8 turn and RF forward(8) (1:30) (note: try not to padel the RF in order to propel the turn, try to build momentum by the arms and upper body and just tap the RF so that the move looks like a spin)

S3: Swing Leg, Sailor Step Turn, Rock Recover, Back Sweep Cross X2, Sailor Step Turn
12&34LF swing forward(1), LF backward(2), R ⅜ turn and RF forward(&), LF forward(3), RF rock forward(4)
5678&Recover on LF and RF sweep back(5), RF cross behind LF and LF sweep back(6), R LF cross behind RF and RF sweep back(7), RF cross behind LF(8), LF L(&) (9:00)

S4: Diagonal Step, Samba X2, Lock Step Turn X4
12&34&RF step diagonally(1), LF cross RF(2), RF R(&), LF step diagonally(3), RF cross LF(4), LF L(&)
5&6&7&8&R ⅜ turn and RF forward(5), LF lock behind RF(&), R ⅜ turn and RF forward(6), LF lock behind RF(&), R ⅜ turn and RF forward(7), LF lock behind RF(&),R ⅜ turn and RF forward(8), LF lock behind RF(&) (note: no need to be meticulous on each turning angle, just smoothly travel a full circle and ready to start the next wall facing 3:00)

Tag: cross RF behind LF(1), unwind full turn(234)
---- do this Tag before the third wall facing 6:00, as well as the sixth wall facing 12:00

---- 1st Restart takes place in the 4th wall after 12 counts facing 6:00 first R quarter turn facing 9:00 and Restart in this direction.
---- 2nd Restart takes place in the 7th wall after 28 counts facing 12:00, Restart in this direction.

Ending: the dance ends at the completion of the last wall. Simply travel the last four counts toward 12:00 and pose.

Enjoy the dance!