Beggar CopperKnob - Linedance Stepsheets

Easy Intermediate
Lotte Irmgarth & Ninna Jensen (DK) January 2019
Jacob Dinesen - Beggar. Album: Found it - iTunes

Start 16 count after heavy beat.

Step back, Sailor, Sailor ¼ turn left, Rock L Forward, L Step lock back
1-2&3: Step R F back. L behind R, R to R, L to L,
4&5: R behind L make ¼ turn L, L step L, R to R, (9:00)
6-7: Rock L forward, recover on R
8&1: Step L back, R next to L, L back.

Back rock, pivot ¼ cross, rock step
2-3: R rock back, Recover on L,
4&5: Step R forward, turn ¼ L, step L to L, cross R in front of L (6:00)
6-7: Step L to L, R cross over L
& 8&: recover to L, Rock to R, recover to L

Rocking chair R, Shuffle ½ turn R, ½ turn R, Shuffle, ½ turn R
1-4: Rock R back, recover L, Rock R forward, recover L (6:00)
5&6: Step R ¼ R, L next to R, Step R ¼ R (12:00)
7-8&1: Step L back turning ½ R, Step R ¼ R, L next to R, Step R ¼ R (12:00)

¼ R Point turn, L jazz box with touch
2-3-4: Step L back, Point R back, turn ¼ R stepping on R foot (3:00)
5-6: Cross L over R, Step R back,
7-8: Step L to L, Touch R next to L (before tags weight is on R foot)

TAG 1, at the end of walls 1, 3 & 5:
Side, R Samba, L lockstep, R samba ¼ Left, L ¼ turn
1-2&3: Step L to L, R cross in front of L, L to L, R to R
4&5: Step L diagonally to R, lock R behind L, step L diagonally (4:30)
6&7-8: R to R, Turn ¼ L – weight on L (12:00), R forward, Turn ¼ L stepping down on L

TAG 2: end of wall 3 & 5, and after TAG 1:
Jazz box
1-4: Cross R in front of L, Step L back, R to R, L next to R (weight on L)

Last Update – 3rd Jan. 2019