Day Drinkin' CopperKnob - Linedance Stepsheets

Heather Shepherd, October 2018
Day Drunk by Morgan Evans

Intro: 12 counts - one Restart , start on Champagne

Section 1: Step together, 2 1/4 turns Drunkin’ Sailor steps
1-2Step Right to side, Step left together
3&4Drunkin’ sailor step, ( Right behind left, Left to side, recover Right , while doing a 1/4 turn to right.
5&6Drunkin’ sailor ,( Left behind right, Right to side, recover Left. while doing a 1/4 to right
7,8Rock Step back while kicking Left , Step forward Left

Section 2: Heel Grind, Coaster Step, Heel Grind, Coaster Step
1-2Right foot ‘HEEL Grind’ in front of Left
3&4Right Coaster step
5-6Left foot ‘ HEEL Grind’ in front of Right
7&8Left Coaster Step
* Restart on 3rd wall after Left Coaster Step

Section 3: 1/2 Lock step, Shuffle, Rock, 1/2 turn Shuffle
1-2Step Right forward, lock behind Left
3&4Right Shuffle on the spot
5-6Rock forward Left, recover Right
7&8Shuffle 1/2 turn Left

Section 4: Repeat last 8 counts (S3)

This Dance is Dedicated to my Sueanne and Rosarna who introduced me to this great song.
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