Only You (and The Platters)

Judy Rodgers (USA) - January 2019
Only You by The Platters; amazon

#8 count intro - No Tags Or Restarts

S1: Side, touch, side, touch, rock recover, shuffle turn 1/2 R
1-4Step R to right, touch L beside R, step L to left, touch R beside L
5-6Rock R fwd, recover L
7&8Turn 1/2 right shuffle fwd R L R 6:00

S2. Rumba box turning 1/4 left
1-4Step L to left side, step R beside L, turn 1/8 left step L fwd, touch R beside L 4:30
5-8Turn 1/8 left step R to right side, step L beside R, step R back, touch L beside R 3:00

S3: Back, sweep, behind, side, cross & cross, turn 1/4 R, turn 1/4 R
1-4Step L back, sweep R from front to back, step R behind L, step L to left side
5&6Cross R over L, step L to left side, cross R over L
7-8Turn 1/4 right step L back, turn 1/4 right step R fwd 9:00

S4: Rocking chair, side, behind, turn 1/4 L shuffle
1-4Rock L fwd, recover R, rock L back, recover R
5-6Step L to left side, cross R behind L
7&8Turn 1/4 left shuffle fwd L R L 6:00

** note: the music slows toward the end....just keep dancing to end dance at front!