Keep It Simple

Easy Intermediate
Wayne Beazley (AUS) - February 2019
Keep It Simple - James Barker Band : (Single - iTunes)

Intro: 16 count - No Tags/Restarts.
Start position: feet together weight on Left, Rotates CCW

Walk, Walk, Shuffle, L Fwd, Pivot ½ R, L Tog, R Fwd, L Fwd
12Walk forward R L
3&4Shuffle forward R L R
56&Step L forward, Pivot ½ R & Step L tog, (6 o’clock)
78Step R forward, Step L forward
Charleston Step, ¼ L - Touch R side, ¼ L – Touch R side, Fwd R - ¼ L, Touch L Tog
1234Touch R toe forward, Step R back, Touch L toe back, Step L forward
56Turn ¼ L - Touch R toe to R side, Turn ¼ L - Touch R toe to R side (12 o’clock)
78Step forward on R turning ¼ L, Touch L tog (9 o’clock)
L Dorothy, Step side R, Heel Twist, Coaster Step, Heel Grind, Step side L
12&Step L Fwd at diagonal, Step R behind L & Step L to side
34Step R to side, Twist both heels to R (angle body to 7.30)
5&6(Still facing 7.30) L Coaster Step
7Grind R heel across L straightening up to 9 o’clock
8Step L to L side

R Sailor, L Lock Shuffle back, Rock back, Recover, Full turn Fwd
1&2R Sailor step
3&4Lock shuffle back -LRL
56Rock R back, Recover weight on L
78Step R fwd - ½ L, ½ L - L fwd (9 o’clock)

Last Update – 8th Feb. 2019