Monday Morning Merle

Wayne Beazley (AUS) & Kevin Smith (AUS) - February 2019
Monday Morning Merle - Cody Johnson : (Album: Aint Nothin To It - EP - iTunes)

Rotates CW, Start feet together weight on L,
Restart (#) On wall 2, During counts 13-16 (rocking chair) straighten up ⅛ R ie: should end up facing the back wall. - then Restart dance in new direction

Intro: Start after 32 counts

Touch, Ball Touch, L Together, R Fwd, Pivot ½ L, R Fwd - ½ L, Hitch L, ¼ L Side Shuffle, R Sailor ¼ L
1&2&Touch R Tog & Step R back, Touch L toe fwd & Step L tog
34Step R fwd, Pivot ½ L (6 o’clock)
5Step R fwd turning ½ L - Hitch L (12 o’clock)
6&7Turning a further ¼ L - Side shuffle LRL (9 oclock)
8&1R Sailor step turning ¼ L (6 o'clock)

L Coaster, R Fwd, Pivot ⅜ L, Rocking Chair
2&3L Coaster step (step L back & step R tog, step L fwd)
4&Step R fwd & Pivot ⅜ L - taking weight on L (1.30 o’clock)
5678Rock R fwd (facing 1.30),Recover, Rock R back, Recover
# Restart Occurs Here

R Fwd, Pivot ⅝ L, Sweep L Back, Step L Behind, R to Side, L Cross Shuffle, Big Step R, Drag L, Step L Together
12Step R fwd, Pivot ⅝ L - sweeping L back (6 o’clock)
34Step L behind R, Step R to side
5&6L Cross Shuffle
78Take Big step to side R, Drag L towards R
&Step L tog

R across L, Roll ¾ L, ½ L Shuffle, R Fwd, Pivot ½ L, R Shuffle Fwd
123Step R across L, ¼ L - L fwd, Step R fwd turning ½ L (9 o’clock)
4&5Turn a further ½ L - shuffle fwd LRL (3 o’clock)
6&Step R fwd & Pivot ½ L - taking weight on L (9 o’clock)
7&8Shuffle fwd RLR

L Kickball Step, Paddle ¼ R, Touch across, L to Side, Touch across, R Together, L Fwd, Pivot ¼ R
1&2Kick L fwd & step L tog, Step R fwd
34Step L fwd, Paddle ¼ R (12 o’clock)
5&6&Touch L toe across R & step L to Side L, Touch R toe across L & step R tog
78Step L fwd, Pivot ¼ R (3 o’clock)

Cross Rock L, Recover, Side L, Cross Rock R, Recover, ¼ R - R Fwd, L Fwd, Pivot ½ R, Skip Fwd, R Fwd, Pivot ¼ L
12&Rock L across R, Recover & step L to side L
34&Rock R across L, Recover & ¼ R - Step R fwd (6 o’clock)
56&Step L fwd, Pivot ½ R & step L tog (skip fwd) (12 o’clock)
78Step R fwd, Pivot ¼ L (9 o’clock)

Syncopated Weave L, R Samba, L across R, R to side - ¼ L, Lock Shuffle Back
1&2&Step R across L & step L to L side, Step R behind L & step L to L side
3&4R Samba
567&8Step L across R, Step R to side turning ¼ L, Lock shuffle back LRL (6 o’clock)

Back ¼ R, Touch L tog, L to Side L - ½ L, Touch R tog, ¼ R - R Fwd, 2 X Syncopated Paddles - ¼ R - ½ R, L Fwd
12Step R back turning ¼ R, Touch L tog (9 o’clock)
34Step L to side L turning ½ L, Touch R tog (3 o’clock)
5¼ R - R fwd (6 o’clock)
&6 (&) L fwd paddling ¼ R, Take weight on R (9 o’clock)
&7 (&) L fwd paddling ½ R, Take weight on R (3 o’clock)
8Step L fwd


Choreo: Wayne Beazley ( ) & Kevin Smith ( ),
Newcastle, Australia