Longest Time

Rex Chuan (USA) - December 2018
The Longest Time - Billy Joel

Tag: 0 - Restart: 1

Start: dance starts after 16 counts of music with vocal

S1: Squat Kick X4, Jazz Box Turn
1&2&3&4&Squat(1), RF kick(&), RF in place and squat(2), LF kick(&), LF in place and squat(3), RF kick(&), RF in place and squat(4), LF kick(&)
5678LF cross RF while shimmering(5), RF R(6), L quarter turn and LF forward(7), RF forward(8) (9:00)

S2: Charleston, Rock Recover, Weave, Tap In/Out, Flick, Walk
1234LF forward(1), LF backward(2), RF backward(3), RF forward(4)
5&6&LF rock forward(5), recover on RF(&), R quarter turn and LF cross behind RF(6), RF R(&)
7&8&LF tap aside RF(7), LF tap L(&), LF flick back diagonally(8), LF forward diagonally(&) (12:00)

S3: Cross, Rock Recover, Walk X2, Rock Recover, Run X2, Chasse, Cross
12&34RF cross LF(1), LF rock L(2), recover on RF(&), R ⅛ turn and LF forward(3), RF forward(4)
5&6&LF rock forward(5), recover on RF(&), L ⅜ turn and LF forward(6), RF forward(&)
7&8&LF forward(7), RF lock in(&), LF forward(8), R quarter turn and RF cross LF(&) (12:00)

S4: Rock Recover, Weave, Rock Recover, Scutt, WalkX4
1&2&LF L(1), RF together(&), LF cross behind(2), RF R(&)
34&LF rock back(3), recover(4), LF scuff(&)
5678R ⅜ turn and LF forward(5), R ⅜ turn and RF forward(6), R ⅜ turn and LF forward(7), R ⅜ and RF forward(8) (9:00)

Restart: After 16 counts of the third wall facing 6:00, Restart

Enjoy the dance!