Making Me Dance

Laura Sway (UK) & Rob Fowler (ES) - February 2019
Making Me Dance - Wild Youth

Count in: 32

[1-8] Walk R L, Kick & cross, step R, Twist L heel in out, Behind side cross.
12-walk forward Right Left
3&4-Kick Right forward, step on Right, cross Left over Right.
5&6-Step Right to Right, twist Left heel in, twist Left heel out with weight on it.
7&8-Step Right Behind Left, step Left to Left, step Right across Left.

[9-16] Rock L, recover, Behind side cross, point R & L & Kick R ball change.
12-Rock Left to Left, recover on Right
3&4-Step Left Behind Right, Step Right to Right side, step Left across Right.
5&6&-point Right to side, step on Right, point Left to side, step on Left
7&8-Kick Right forward, step on to Right, Step Left in place.

[17-24] Step pivot ½ L, step pivot ¼ L, syncopated Jazz box point.
12-Step forward Right, pivot ½ turn Left.
34-Step forward Right, pivot ¼ turn Left.
56&7-Cross Right over Left, step back on Left, step Right to Right side, cross Left over Right.
8-Point Right to Right side. (3.00)

[25-32] Sailor R, Sailor L, x4 chugs ½ turn L.
1&2-Step Right Behind Left, Step Left to Left side, step Right in place.
3&4-Step Left Behind Right, Step Right to Right side, step Left in place.
5678-keeping weight on Left Making 1/8 turn Left pushing Right to Right side, (like a touch but a flat foot), repeat it making ½ turn in total for counts 6,7,8 (9.00)

Last Update - 2 March 2019