Everything CopperKnob - Linedance Stepsheets

Phrased Intermediate - WCS feel
Rex Chuan – February 2019
"Everything" by Michael Buble

Tag: 0 - Restart: 3
Sequence: AABA(16)AABABAA(28)A(16)B

Start: Dance starts after 32 counts with vocal

Part A: 32 COUNTS
AS1: Side, Rock Recover, Samba, Walk, Turn and Back, Coaster Step
123LF L(1), RF back rock(2), Recover(3)
4&5RF forward(4), LF ball step aside RF(&), R quarter turn and RF forward(3)
67L quarter turn and LF forward(6), R half turn and RF back(7)
8&LF back(8), RF ball step aside(&) (6:00)

AS2: Lunge, Recover, Weave, Back Step, Heel Draw, Ball Step
123LF forward(1), RF R lunge(2), Recover(3)de LF(&)
4&5RF cross behind LF(4), LF L(&), RF cross LF(5)
567R quarter turn LF big step back(5) with RF left behind on heel, RF drow near LF on heal(67)
8&RF ball step aside LF(8), LF forward(&) (9:00)

AS3: Lower Down Side, Weight Shift Right, Ball Step, Walk X3, Run X2
1234&RF big step right both knees bent(1), weight shift slowly to the right with head sway from L to R(23) and LF tap aside RF(3), LF ball step L(4), RF R(&)
5678&R quarter turn and LF forward(5), R quarter turn and RF forward(6), R quarter turn and LF forward(7), R quarter turn and RF forward(8), LF forward(&) (9:00)

AS4: Samba, Samba, Forward, Swivel, Swivel, Forward, Pivot Turn
12&34&RF cross LF(1), LF L(2), RF R(&), LF cross RF(3), RF R(4), LF L(&)
5678&RF forward(5), swivel L quarter turn(6), swivel R quarter turn (7), LF step aside RF(8), swivel R half turn and LF forward(&) (3:00)

Part B: 32 COUNTS
BS1: Walk X2, Stomp X2, Sailor Turn
1234LF forward(1)( continue on 2), RF forward(3), (continue on 4),
56LF stomp cross RF(5), RF stomp R(6)
78&L half swivel while LF sweep back(7), LF cross behind RF(8), RF R(&) (6:00)

BS2: Forward, Sweep Cross, Side, Push Left, Cross, Rock Recover
1234RF forward(1), LF sweep forward(2), LF cross RF(3), RF R(4)
5678&RF push weight toward LF and up(5), RF stay in air(6), RF cross behind LF(7), LF rock L(8), RF R(&) (6:00)

BS3: Cross, Tap Flick Side, Ball Step, Forward, Tap Flick Side, Ball Step
12&34&LF cross RF(1), RF tap R(2), RF flick in(&), RF R(3), hold (4), LF step behind RF(&)
56&78&L quarter turn and RF forward(5), LF tap L(6), LF flick in(&), LF L(7), hold (8), RF step behind LF(&) (3:00)

BS4: Cross, Right Chasse, Ball Step, Pivot Turn, Step, Tap
12&3LF cross RF(1), RF R(2), LF step aside RF(&), RF R(3)
4&5678Hold (4), LF step aside RF(&), RF R(5), R quarter turn and LF forward(6), R half turn swivel and RF forward(7), LF tap aside RF(8) (12:00)

When Restart after 16 counts of Part A, spare the step on & of count 16 so the LF is ready Restart
When Restart after 28 counts of Part A, spare the step on & of count 24 so the LF is ready for Restart