Take It From Me! CopperKnob - Linedance Stepsheets

Easy Intermediate
Lisa Bodnar / Crew Country Line Dancing (February 2019)
"Take It From Me" by Jordan Davis

*Restart on wall 3 after 1st 16 counts (Restart will occur on start of second verse)
Intro: Start on vocals

(1-8) Wizard Steps, Side Touches, Forward Touch/Push Off ½ Turn, Step R
1-2&: Step R diagonally forward right, lock left behind right, step right diagonally forward
3-4&: Step L diagonally forward left, lock right behind left, step left diagonally forward
5-6: Touch R toe out to right side, switch and touch L toe out to L side
&7-8: Bring L foot back in(&) and touch R toe forward/push off into a ½ turn over R shoulder (7), stepping weight onto R after the turn is complete (on 8)

(9-16) Step L, Cross Behind, Side Shuffle R with ½ Turn, Double Heel Jacks
9-10: Step L foot out to L side, cross and touch R toe behind L foot (weight will stay on L)
11&12: Step R foot out to right while making ¼ turn to R, bring L up to meet R and step R foot forward again making another ¼ turn (½ turn total)
(*For styling purposes you can angle slightly L at 10:00 when doing the heel jacks)
13&14: Weight on R foot, L heel goes forward, step L down putting weight onto L foot and bring R toe up to touch next to L
&15&16: Step back on to R and bring L heel forward, step L down putting weight onto L foot and bring R toe up to touch next to L
(*Restart occurs here)

(17-24) Big Slide R, Rock Recover, Slide L with ¼ Turn Rock Recover, Step, Hold, R Shuffle Forward
17-18&: Take a big step to R, rock back onto L and recover onto R
19-20&: Take big step L left while starting to make a ¼ turn R, finish off the turn by rocking back onto R and recovering onto L.
21-22: Step forward onto R, hold
&23&24: Step quickly onto L on “&” and shuffle forward R-L-R

(25-32) Mambo Forward, Mambo Back, Triple Full Turn, Sway Hips Right, Left
25&26: Rock forward onto L (25), recover back onto R(&) step L next to R(26)
27&28: Rock backward onto R (27), recover back onto L(7), step R next to L (28) – Weight will transfer onto the R
29&30: Triple step full turn right by stepping L over R and making ¼ turn, step onto R while making ½ turn and stepping onto L while making another ¼ turn.
31-32: Step R out to R while pushing hips to the R, sway hips to the left by shifting weight over to the L

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