Steve Carlson - February 2019
Tailgate - RaeLynn

[1st 8 count] Right toe, heel stomp, then Left toe, heel, stomp; Right coaster step, Left Coaster step
1&2Right toe points in, bounce the right heel down and step right forward into stomp
3&4Left toe points in, bounce the left heel down and step left forward into stomp
5&6Right foot short hop forward, then push off right foot back onto left, recover on right foot
7&8Left foot short hop forward, then push off left foot back onto right, recover on left foot

[2nd 8 Count, 9-16 ] Shuffle Right, Left Rock recover Right; Shuffle Left ¼ turn, Right Coaster step
1&2Step Right foot out to right, left next to right, step right foot out to right side
3&4Left Rock over right to oblique right corner & recover weight back on right foot
5&6Step Left foot out to left, right foot next to left, then ¼ to left stepping forward on left foot
7&8Step right foot forward, recover on left foot, then right foot touch ( heel up in air )

No Tags. Enjoy the dance! Comments appreciated. Cowboy Steve is available for dance workshops and guest choreographer invitations; please email to: cowboystevelinedance@gmail.com
I hope you enjoy this dance and song as much as I do. Thank You for your feedback!