Magico Kizomba CopperKnob - Linedance Stepsheets

Beginner / Intermediate
Janice Khoo (MY) & Jennifer Choo Sue Chin (MY) March 2019
Magico by Mika Mendes

Intro: 4x8

Set 1: Right, Close Step, Left, ¼R close step , 1/8R diagonal, Cross Rock Side, Cross Rock, Back Rock
1-2&3Step RF to R, Close LF next to RF, Step RF in place, Step LF to L (move your hips on 2&) 12:00
4&51/8R Close RF next to LF, 1/8R Step LF in place, 1/8R Stepping RF to R diagonal fwd (move your hips on 4&) 4:30
6&7Rock LF over RF, Recover on RF, Step LF to L squaring back to 3:00 3:00
8&1Rock RF over LF, Recover on LF, Rock RF back 1:30
Set 2: Recover, Salida, R chasse, Scissors Cross with Hip Roll
2Recover on LF 1:30
3-4Step RF fwd and execute a ¼R with LF next to RF, Cross LF over RF 4:30
5&6Step RF to R, Close LF next to RF, Step RF to R and begin to rotate hips from L to R CCW 3:00
7-8Finish rotating hips CCW and close LF next to RF, Cross RF over LF 1:30
Set 3: ¾R spiral with hitch , Fwd Shuffle, Fwd Coaster, Back Coaster, Rock Recover ¼L
1¼R Stepping LF back and continue to execute another ½R hitching R knee slightly 12:00
2&3Step RF fwd, Lock LF behind RF, Step RF fwd 12:00
4&5Step LF fwd, Close RF next to LF, Step LF back (move your hips on &5) 12:00
6&7Step RF back, Close LF next to RF, Step RF fwd (move your hips on &7) 12:00
8&1Rock LF fwd, Recover on RF, ¼L Press LF to L and pop shoulder to L 9:00
Set 4: Shoulder/Ribcage pops, L sailor, Behind Side Cross, Body Roll
2&3Pop shoulder to R, Pop shoulder to L, Pop shoulder to R while dragging LF towards RF 9:00
4&5Step LF behind RF, Step RF to R, Step LF to L 9:00
6&Step RF behind LF, Step LF to L 9:00
7-8Cross RF over LF and begin body roll from up to down over two counts and weight ending on LF 9:00

Start Again and Enjoy! No Tags, No Restarts!!