Vuela Vuela

Penny Tan (MY), Irene Deng (TW) & Jennifer Jou (TW) - March 2019
Vuela Vuela by Sara perche ti amo

Intro:32 counts - *Tag:after wall 4 & wall 8

Sec 1: Side Rock,Recover,R Coaster,Fwd Walk 2x,Kick Ball Side Touch
1 – 2Rock RF to R side,recover on LF
3&4Step RF back,step LF beside RF,step RF fwd
5 – 6Walk fwd LR
7&8Kick LF fwd,step LF back, touch RF to R side

Sec 2: Syncopated jazz box 1/4 R ,Cross Shuffle,Cross Samba RL
1 2&Cross RF over LF,1/4 R step LF back,step RF to R
3&4Cross LF over RF,step RF to R,cross LF over RF
5&6Cross RF over LF,rock LF to L side,recover on RF
7&8Cross LF over RF,rock RF to R side,recover on LF 3:00

Sec 3: Jazz Box,Cross,1/4 L Back Shuffle,Rock Back,Recover,1/4 R Side
1 – 4Cross RF over LF,step LF back,step RF to R,cross LF over RF
5&61/4 L step RF back,step LF together,step RF back 12:00
7&8Rock LF back,recover on RF,1/4 R step LF to L 3:00

Sec 4: Cross, Recover, Side Chasse, Bump LR, Bump L 2x
1 – 2Cross RF over LF,recover
3&4Step RF to R,step LF beside RF,step RF to R
5 – 6Hip bump to L,hip bump to R
7&8Hip bumps to L twice 3:00

Tag: 4 counts,facing 12:00
1 – 4Step RF to R,touch LF beside RF,step LF to L,touch RF beside LF

Enjoy ! Have fun !!

Penny Tan:pennytanml@hotmail,com

Last Update - 29 March 2019