Mess Me Up

Taylor Hickey - March 2019
I've Been Waiting (feat. Fall Out Boy) by Lil Peep & iLoveMakonnen

** 1st Place USLDCC Newcomer/Novice Division – 2019 Fun in the Sun **

#16 count intro

Section 1 [1-8] Hop Forward, Hop Back, Hip Circle 2x
1,2Hop forward landing R then L (1) Hold (2)
3,4Hop back landing R then L (3) Hold (4)
5,6Hip circle counterclockwise (5,6)
7,8Hip circle counterclockwise (7,8)

Section 2 [9-16] Vine Right, Vine Left
1,2Step R to right side (1) Cross L behind R (2)
3,4Step R to right side (3) Touch L next to R (4)
5,6Step L to left side (5) Cross R behind L (6)
7,8Step L to left side (7)Tough R next to L (8)

Section 3 [17-24] K-Step w/ ¼ Turn
1,2Step R to forward right diagonal (1) Touch L next to R (2)
3,4Step L back to left diagonal (3) Touch R next to L (4)
5,6Step R to back right diagonal (5) Touch L next to R (6)
7,8Step L to forward left diagonal (7) Scuff R for a ¼ turn to the left (8)

Section 4 [25-32] Lindy Right, Lindy Left
1 & 2R Triple step to the right side [R(1) L(&) R(2)]
3,4Rock back on L (3), Recover weight on R (4)
5 & 6L Triple step to the left side [L(5) R(&) L(6)]
7,8Rock back on R (7), Recover weight on L (8)

[Styling option for Section 1 counts 5-8: point fingers at temple and move in a circular motion like a “crazy” gesture]

Last Update - 18 July 2019