Madison Olds CopperKnob - Linedance Stepsheets

Ole Jacobson feat. Nina K. April 2019
Madison Olds - Moments in the Mountains

Beginning with the singing

[1-8] Back, recover, Shuffle 1/2 turn L, back, recover, 1/4 turn L, chasse L
1,2RF step after back - weight forwards on LF
3&41/4 L-turn, RF step after R - LF beside RF set off - 1/4 L-turn, RF step back
5,6LF step back - weight forwards on RF
7&81/4 R-turn, LF step to the left - RF beside LF set off - LF step to the left

[9-16] Behind, side, cross shuffle, side, recover, cross shuffle
1,2RF behind LF cross - LF step to the left
3&4RF cross over LF - LF at RF near set - RF cross over LF
5,6LF step after left - weight on RF
7&8LF cross over RF - RF at LF near set - LF cross over RF

[17-24] 3/4 turn L, shuffle forward, rock, recover, coaster step
1,21/2 L-turn, RF step back - 1/4 L-turn, LF step forward
3&4RF step forward - LF at RF near set - RF step forward
5.6LF step forward - weight back on RF
7&8LF step back - RF beside LF set off - LF step forward

[25-32] Cross, point, jazz box with 1/4 turn R
1,2RF cross over LF - LF tap to the left
3,4LF cross over RF -RF tap to the left
5,6RF cross over LF - 1/4 R-turn, LF step back
7,8RF step to the right - LF beside RF
.. and from the beginning