Good Thing Goin'

Adrian Lefebour (AUS) - May 2019
We Had a Good Thing Goin' - Marty Rhone (3.14)

Notes: 32 count intro from the start of the song

[1-8] Step, Touch, Step Back, Kick, Step Back, Heel, Step, Scuff (RESTART)
1,2Step R fwd, Touch L toe behind R heel
3,4Step L back, Kick R foot fwd
5,6Step R back, Place L heel fwd
7,8Step L down, Scuff R
[9-16] 1/2 Pivot Turn, Step Lock Step, Scuff,
1,2Step R fwd, Hold
3,41/2 Pivot turn L, Hold (weight on L) (6.00)
5,6Step R fwd to R 45, Lock step L behind R
7,8Step R fwd to R 45, Scuff L
[17-24] Step Lock Step, Scuff, Rock Fwd, Replace, Step Back, Hold
1,2Step L fwd to L 45, Lock step R behind L
3,4Step L fwd to L 45, Scuff R
5,6Rock R fwd, Replace weight back on L
7,8Step R back, Hold
[25-32] Step Back, Hitch, Step Back, Hitch, Step Back, Together, Step Fwd, Hold
1,2Step L back, Hitch R knee up
3,4Step R back, Hitch L knee up
5,6Step L back, Step R next to L
7,8Step L fwd, Hold
[33-40] Toe Strut/Shimmy, Touch/Double Clap – Repeat other side
1,2R Toe strut to R side, Drop R heel / Shimmy with hands beside body
3,4Touch L toe next to R & Clap hands, Clap hands
5,6L Toe strut to L side, Drop L heel / Shimmy with hands beside body
7,8Touch R toe next to L & Clap hands, Clap hands
[41-48] Vine Right, Full Turn, Touch
1,2Step R to R side, Step L behind R
3,4Step R to R side, Touch L next to R
5,61/4 Turn L step L fwd, 1/2 Turn L step R back (9.00)
7,81/4 Turn L step L to L side, Touch R next to L (6.00)
Optional for counts 5-8 is Vine Left and Touch
Start Again
RESTART – Wall 8 (6.00) – Dance the first 8 counts and then restart the dance facing the 6.00 wall.

FINISH – Wall 11 – Dance right to the end to finish at the front wall.