Cha Cha Love Song

High Improver
Wayne Beazley (AUS) - May 2019
Let's Make a Love Song - Casey Donahew : (Album: One Light Town - Amazon & Spotify)

Start position: feet together weight on Left, Rotates CCW
Intro: 24 count
S 1: R fwd, Shuffle fwd L, Rock Fwd, Recover, ½ R-Shuffle fwd, L fwd-¼ R
1 2&3Step R fwd, Shuffle fwd LRL
4 5Rock R fwd, Recover weight on L
6&7Turn ½ R-Shuffle fwd RLR (6 o’clock)
8Step L fwd turning ¼ R (9 o’clock)
S 2: Rock R behind, Recover & Step R to side, Rock L back, Recover, Rock/Sway L fwd-¼ R, Rock/Sway R to side, Rock/Sway L side -¼ R, Sweep R back
1 2&Rock R behind L, Recover & Step R to R
3 4Rock L back, Recover
5 6Rock/Sway L fwd turning ¼ R, Rock/Sway R to side (12 o’clock)
7 8Rock/Sway L to L turning ¼ R, Sweep R back (3 o’clock)
S 3: R back, L Lock shuffle back, Rock back ¼ R, Recover ¼ L, Shuffle fwd turn ¾ L, L to side
1 2&3Step R back, Shuffle back LRL
4 5Rock R back turning ¼ R, Recover weight on L turning 1/4L (3 o’clock)
6&7Shuffle fwd on R turning ¾ L (6 o’clock)
8Step L to side ##

S 4: Cross Rock, Recover & R to side, Cross Rock, Recover, ¼ L-L fwd, R fwd-½ L, Shuffle fwd
1 2&Rock R across L, Recover & Step R to side
3 4Rock L across R, Recover
5 6¼ L-Step L fwd, Step R fwd turning ½ L (hitching L slightly) (9 o’clock)
7&8Shuffle fwd LRL


RESTART: On Wall 5 (12 o’clock),
Do first 24 counts(##), then add a "R Rocking chair", then Restart dance facing new wall (6 o’clock)