Can't Stop The Feeling CopperKnob - Linedance Stepsheets

Betty Lee (Canada) May 2019
Can't Stop The Feeling - Justin Timberlake

Intro: 16 counts

S1. R Cross-Side Rock, L Cross-Side Rock, Paddle Full Turn
1&2Cross Step RF over LF, Rock Step LF to L, Recover onto RF
3&4Cross Step LF over RF, Rock Step RF to R, Recover onto LF
5Make ¼ turn L on ball of LF, pointing RF to R (9:00)
6Make ¼ turn L on ball of LF, pointing RF to R (6:00)
7-8Repeat count 5-6 (12:00)

S2. Step, Hold, Ball, Walk R-L, Step, Pivot ½, Step, Pivot ¼
1-2Step Forward RF, Hold
&3-4Step ball of LF next to RF, Step Forward RF, Step Forward LF
5-6Step Forward RF, Pivot ½ turn L (wt. onto LF) (6:00)
7-8Step Forward RF, Pivot ¼ turn L (wt. onto LF) (3:00)
*** Restart here on Wall 5

S3. Forward, Sweep, Cross Shuffle, Sway 4X
1-2Big Step RF forward, Sweep LF from back to front
3&4Cross Step LF over RF, Step RF to R, Cross Step LF over RF
5-8Step RF to R swaying hips to R, Sway hips to L,R,L ending weight on LF

S4. Behind-Side-Cross, Back-Lock-Back, Back R, Back L, ½ L , Point
1&2Step RF behind LF, Step LF to L, Cross Step RF over LF
3&4Step back on LF, Lock Step RF across LF, Step back on LF
5Small Step RF back to R diagonal (Angle body to R) (4:30)
6Small Step LF back to L diagonal (Angle body to L) (1:30)
7&81/8 Turn L stepping back on RF (12:00), ¼ Turn L stepping LF to L, Point R Toes to R (9:00)
*** Easy option for the last 4 counts of S4:
*5-6 Step back RF, Step back LF (3:00)
*7&8 ¼ Turn L Stepping back on RF (12:00), ¼ Turn L Stepping LF to L , Point R Toes to R (9:00)


Restart: On Wall 5, after 16 counts, facing 3:00

Tag: End of Wall 11, facing 9:00
Cross, Cross, Back, Side
1-4Cross Step RF over LF, Cross Step LF over RF, Step back on RF, Step LF to L side