Need A Little Help

Phrased Low Intermediate
Andrea Carstensen (DE) - June 2019
Little Help (feat. Mimi & Josy) - The BossHoss

Begin after 16 counts

SequenceAA - BB - Tag - AA - BBBB(restart) - AA - BBBB

Intro 16 counts

Part A (32 counts)
Toe strut,Toe strut, Rock fw, 1/2 Turn right, Step
1-2Toe strut forward with right
3-4Toe strut forward with left
5-6Rock forward right
7-81/2 Turn right and Step forward right - hold

Toe strut, Toe strut, cross-rock-side-rock
1-2Toe strut forward left
3-4Toe strut forward right
5-6Left cross - recover on right
7-8Left side - recover on right

Cross, side, kick, side, left and right
1-2Left cross over right - right step side
3-4Left kick diagonal to left - left step side to the left
5-6Right cross over left - left step side
7-8Right kick diagonal to right - right step side to the right

Cross, 3/4 Turn right with Heelbounce, Scuff, Step Heel twist
1Left cross over right
2-3-4 3/4 turn right on both toes with heel bounces
5-6Left Scuff - left small step forward
7-8Both Heels to left - back

Part B (32 counts)
Vine right, side touch left and right
1-2Step right to side - cross left behind right
3-4Step right to side - touch left to right
5-6Step left to side - touch right
7-8Step right to side - touch left

Vine with 1/4 Turn and brush, Jazzbox
1-2Step left to side - cross right behind left
3-41/4 turn left and step left forward - brush forward with right
5-6Right cross over left - left step back
7-8Right step side - left step forward

1/4 Monterey Turn 2x
1-2Tap right to side - step right to left with 1/4 turn to right
3-4Tap left to side - step left together
5-8Repeat 1-4

Step, Touch behind, Step back, Touch across, Step, Scuff 1/4 right , Side, Touch
1-2Step right forward - touch left behind right
3-4Step left back - touch right across left
5-6Step right forward - scuff left with 1/4 turn to right
7-8Step left side - touch right to left

Tag (8 counts)
Step touch forward with clap 2x, Step touch back with clap 2x
1-2Step right diagonally right forward - touch left to right with clap
3-4Step left diagonally left forward - touch right to left with clap
5-6Step right diagonally right back - touch left to right with clap
7-8Step left diagonally left back - touch right to left with back

Restart in wall 10 after 24 counts (9h)

End 12h : Step, Scuff without turn, Side, Stomp