The Way You Take Time

Newcomer Polka rhythm
Desiree Snijders & Trudy van wijk (NL) - June 2019
The Way You Take Time - Joe Buck

(Counter) Clockwise

Rock Step,Cross Shuffle R,Rock Step,Cross Shuffle L…
1RF Step R
2LF Recover Weight
3RF Cross over
&LF Step Together …
4RF Cross over
5LF Step L
6RF Recover weight
7LF Cross over
&RF Step Together
8LF Cross over

Backwards 2 x Hitch,Coaster step,Rock Step,1/2 Shuffle turn L...
9RF Step backwards
&RF Hop,LF hitch
10LF Step backwards
&LF Hop,RF hitch
11RF Step backwards
&LF Step together
12RF Step forward
13LF Step forward
14RF Recover weight
15LF ¼ Turn L,Step L
&RF Step together
16LF ¼ Turn L,Step forward

1/2 Shuffle Turn L,Rock Step, 2 x 1/2 Turn R.,1/4 Turn R..
17RF ¼ Turn L Step L
&LF Step together
18RF ¼ Turn L Step L
19LF Step Backwards
20RF Recover weight
21LF Turn ½ R,Step backwards
22RF Turn ½ R Step Forward
23RF ¼ Turn R,Step L
24RF Recover weight R

Cross Over Touch 2 x, Jazz box,Stomp…
25LF Cross over RF
26RF Touch R
27RF Cross over LF
28LF Touch L
29LF Cross over
30RF Step backwards
31LF Step L
32RF Stomp in Place

Tag After wall 2 – 8 counts
Rock Step,Cross Shuffle R, 2 x 1/8 Turn R,Cross Shuffle L
1RF Step R
2LF Recover weight
3RF Cross over
&LF together
4RF Cross over
5LF 1/8 Turn R
6RF 1/8 turn R
7LF Cross over
&RF Step together
8LF Cross over
Last Update – 19 June 2019