You Take Me There CopperKnob - Linedance Stepsheets

Andrina K Faulds, Scotland (UK), June 2019
One Touch by Jess Glyn & Jax Jones

Count in: 16 - Details: No Tags or Restarts

Section 1: Right rock recover and step left with touch, right kick and left touch back with dip, left hitch and step back
1-2Rock right on right foot (1), rocking back onto left foot (2)
&3-4Bring right foot in next to left (&), step left to left side (3), touch right next to left (4)
5&6Kick right foot forward (5), bring right foot back next left (&), touch left foot behind right dipping the knee slightly (6)
7-8Hitch left knee up (7), step left foot back (8)

Section 2: Right drag back, left shuffle forward, right rock recover, right sailor step ball step
1Drag right foot back beside left (1)
2&3Step forward on left foot (2), Close right foot besides left (&), Step forward on left foot (3)
4-5Rock right on right foot (4), Rocking back onto left foot (5)
6&7Step right foot behind left foot (6), Step left to left side (&), Step right foot in place (7)
&8Step left foot beside right (&), step right foot to right side

Section 3: Left rock back and recover ¼ left, right shuffle, ½ turn right, Chassé ¼ right
1-2-3Rock left foot behind right (1), rocking back onto right foot (2), step forward left making ¼ left
4&5Step forward on right foot (4), close left foot besides right (&), step forward on right foot (5)
6-7Step forward on left (6), turn ½ right putting weight onto right foot (7)
8&1Step left foot to side making ¼ right (8), close right foot to left (&), step left foot to left side (1)

Section 4: Right rock back recover, monetary ¼ right with rock and cross, right flick
2-3Rock right foot behind left (1), rocking back onto left foot (2)
4-5Touch right toe to right side. Step right foot in place making ¼ right
6&7Step left foot to left side (1), close right foot to left (&), cross left foot over right (2).
8Flick right foot behind left