I Don't Care

High Beginner
Ingrind Kan (TW) - June 2019
I Don't Care - Ed Sheeran & Justin Bieber

Start your 8-count count in on lyrics ”Yeah”
Note: No Tags or Restarts

(1-8)Mambo Right, Mambo Left, R Coaster, L Shuffle
1&2Rock Right, Recover on L, Step Right beside Left
3&4Rock Left, Recover R Step Left beside Right
5&6Step Right back, Step Left back ,Step Right forward
7&8Step Left Forward, Right close behind Left ,Step Left Forward

(9-16) Walk Back, Right, Left, Coaster Step, Side Rock, Replace, Side Rock
1-2Step right back ,Step left back,
3&4Step right back(&),Step left together(3), Step right forward(4)
5-6&Rock Left to side, Recover on Right, step Left together (&)
7-8Rock to Right side, Recover on Left

(17-24 )Jazz Box Turn 1/4 to L, Forward Mambo ,Back Rock Recover
1-4Step R across L, Step L back, Turn 1/4 Step R to R side , Step L next to R
5&6Rock R Forward, Recover L (&), Step R back
7-8Rock R back L Recover

(25-32) L touch back, Turn to L 1/2 , L forward, R Step turn 1/4 L pivot, Rock Chair
1-2Touch L back, turning ½ L(weight on L)
3-4step R forward, pivot 1/4 Left(weight on L)
5-6Step R Rock forward, Recover on Left
7-8Step R Rock Back , Recover on Left