Vampire Love

Myra Harrold (SCO) - June 2019
Turning Page - Sleeping At Last : (Single)

Intro: 32 Counts

S:1. Cross,Sweep,Cross,1/8,Back,Back,Draw,Back,1/2,Fwd L,R,Full Spiral,Fwd L,R Rock,Recover,5/8,Fwd,1/4,Side,Behind
1,2&3,4Cross Rf Over Lf,Sweep Lf Over Rf,Turn 1/8 L,Rf Back,Lf Long Step Back,Draw Rf To Lf,Rf Back (10.30)
&5,6&7&8&Pivot 1/2 L,Lf Fwd,Rf Fwd,Full Turn Spiral L, Lf Fwd,Rock Rf Fwd,Recover On Lf,Pivot 5/8 R,Rf Fwd,Pivot 1/4 R,Lf Side L,Rf Behind Lf (12)

Sect:2. 1/4,Fwd,Sweep,Rock,Recover,1/4,Fwd,Full Turn,Back L,R,L,Draw,Rock,Recover, Cross,Rock,Recover,Cross
1,2&3Pivot 1/4 L,Lf Fwd,Rf Sweep To Press Across Lf,Recover On Lf,Pivot 1/4 R,Rf Fwd,Pivot Full Turn R On Spot (12)
4&5Lf Back **Rf Back,Lf Long Step Back,Draw Rf To Lf,Keep Weight On L (12)
6&7&8&Rock Rf To R,Recover On Lf,Cross Rf Over Lf,Rock Lf To L,Recover On Rf(8)Cross Lf Over (12)

Sect:3. Side,Behind,1/8 ,Fwd,Press Fwd,Recover,1/2 Turn,Fwd,Press Fwd,Coaster Step Kick,3/8,Fwd,Full Turn,Sweep L
1,2&3Rf To R,Lf Behind Rf,1/8 Turn R,Rf Fwd,Press Lf Fwd (1.30)
4&5Recover On Rf,Pivot 1/2 L,Lf Fwd,Press Rf Fwd (7.30)
6&7,8&1Lf Back,Close Rf To Lf,Lf Fwd,Rf Low Kick Fwd,Pivot 3/8 R,Rf Fwd,Pivot 1/2 R,Lf Back,Pivot 1/2 R,Rf Fwd,Lf Sweep (12)

Sect:4. Cross,Side,Behind,Sweep,Behind,1/4,Fwd L,R,Pivot 3/4,Side,Draw,Step 1/4,Pivot 1/4,Side,Draw
2&3,4&Cross Lf Over Rf,Rf To R,Lf Behind Rf,Sweep Rf,Step Behind Lf,Pivot 1/4 L Step Lf Fwd (9)
5,6,7,8Rf Fwd,Pivot 3/4 L,Lf Long Step To L,Draw Rf To Lf Keep Weight On Lf,Pivot 1/4 R,Rf Fwd,Pivot 1/4 R,Lf Long Step To L Side,Draw Rf To Lf,Keep Weight On Lf To Start Again (6)

** Restart On Wall 3...... Dance Up To Sect: 2 Count 4, Restart At 12 O-Clock **