Every Little Honky Tonk Bar

Phrased Improver
Rex Chuan (USA) - June 2019
"Every Little Honky Tonk Bar" by George Strait

Tag: 1 - Restart: 1

Start: after 26 counts of intro, start with vocal

Sequence: AA(28),tag,BBB,AA,tag,BB,tag

Part A
S1: Cross, Kick, Ball Step, Weave, Cross, Kick, Ball Step, Samba Step
12&LF cross RF(1), RF kick(2), RF R(&)
3&4&LF cross RF(2), RF R(&), LF cross behind RF(3), RF R(&)
56&LF cross RF(5), RF kick(6), RF R(&)
7&8LF cross RF(7), RF rock R(&), recover(8)

S2: Cross, Kick, Ball Step, Weave, Cross, Kick, Ball Step, Samba Step
12&RF cross LF(1), LF kick(2), LF L(&)
3&4&RF cross LF(2), LF L(&), RF cross behind LF(3), LF L(&)
56&RF cross LF(5), LF kick(6), LF L(&)
7&8RF cross LF(7), LF rock L(&), recover(8) andR quarter turn for next move (3:00)

S3: Dorothy Step X2, L Shuffle, R Shuffle
12&LF forward(1), RF lock in (2), LF forward(&)
34&RF forward(3), LF lock in(4), RF forward(&)
5&6LF L(5), RF together(&), LF L(6)
7&8RF R(7), LF together(&), RF R(8)

S4: Jazz Box Turn, Cross Tap, Turn and Cross Tap
1234LF cross RF(1), RF R(2), L quarter turn and LF L(3), RF forward(4)
5678LF cross RF(5), RF tap R(6), R quarter turn and RF cross LF(7), LF tap L(8) (3:00)

Part B
S1: Walk, Sweep, Cross, Push Back , Drag In
123RF forward(1) and LF sweep forward, continue on 2,3
45LF cross over RF(4), RF push backward(5)
678LF drag together (6,7), LF step in place(8)

S2: Out, Out, In, In, Side, Back Cross, Turn And Walk, Walk
1234RF R(1) with hip pump, LF L(2) with hip pump, LF in(3), RF in(4)
5678RF R(5), LF cross behind RF(6), L quarter turn and LF forward(7), RF forward(8) (9:00)

S3: Hop & Tap, Bounce, Hop & Tap, Bounce, Hop & Tap, Hop & Tap, Hop & Kick Ball Step
&1&2RF hop forward(&), LF tap together(1), bounce in place(&,1)
&3&4LF hop backward(&), RF tap together(3), bounce in place(&,4)
&5&6LF hop L(&), RF tap together(5), RF hop R(&), LF tap together(6)
&7&8LF hop L(&), RF kick(7), RF together(&), LF forward(8)

S4: Tap Forward & In Place X4
12RF tap forward(1), RF step in place(2)
3456L quarter turn and LF tap forward(3), LF step in place(4), RF tap forward(5), RF step in place(6)
78L quarter turn and LF tap forward(7), LF step in place(8) ( note: when next move is tag or part A, LF flick instead) (3:00)

Tag: same as Part B S3 and S4

Enjoy the dance!