Miss Me More

Felicia Harris Jones (USA) - May 2019
Miss Me More - Kelsea Ballerini

Dance begins on lyrics. (No Tags, No Restarts)

Sec 1 – Stomp, Kick, Coaster, Stomp, Kick, Coaster
1 2Stomp Right in place leaving weight on left, Kick Right forward (for styling purposes angle the kick to 1:00)
3&4Step Right back, Step Left next to right, Step Right forward
5 6Stomp Left in place leaving weight on right, Kick Left forward (for styling purposes angle the kick to 11:00)

Sec 2 – Heel Jacks Right, Heel Jacks Left
1 2 &Step Right to right side, Step Left behind right, Step Right in place
3&4Place Left Heel Forward at 11:00, Step Left next to Right, Cross Right over left
5 6 &Step Left to left side, Step Right behind left, Step Left in place
7&8Place Right Heel Forward at 1:00, Step Right next to Left, Cross Left over right

Sec 3- Side, Cross, ¼ turn Triple, ½ Pivot Turn, Triple Forward
1 2Step Right to right side, Cross Left over right (for styling purposes bend both knees to dip down as you cross)
3&4Step Right to right making ¼ turn to the right, Step Left next to right, Step Right forward (3:00)
5 6Step Left Forward, Pivot ½ turn to Right (weight ends on right) (9:00)
7&8Step Left Forward, Step Right next to left, Step Left Forward

End of Dance! Repeat! Enjoy!
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