Con Calma

Rex Chuan – June 2019
"Con Calma" by Daddy Yankee+Katy Perry feat. Snow

Start: after 16 counts, with vocal.
Tag: 0 - Restart: 1

S1: Walk, Tap, Tap, Monterey Turn, Tap, Tap, Sailor Step
1 2 3 4LF forward(1), RF tap forward(2), RF tap R(3), RF together(4) and R quarter turn
5 6 7&8&LF tap forward(5), LF tap L(6), LF cross behind RF(7), RF R(&), LF forward(8), RF tap behind LF(&) (3:00)

S2: Tap, Back, Tap, L Shuffle, Back Rock, Recover, Tap, Hip Pump, Hip Down And Pop R
123&4RF backward(1), R quarter turn and LF tap together(2), LF L(3), RF together(&), LF L(4),
5 6RF rock back(5), recover(6)
7&8L quarter turn and RF tap R with hip pump up(7), hip back(&), weight on RF and hip down pop right(8) (3:00)

S3: Walk, Walk, Shuffle Turn, Side, Forward, Heels Pump And Down, Hitch
1 2 3&4L quarter turn and LF forward(1), RF forward(2), R quarter turn and LF L(3), R quarter turn and RF R(&), LF backward(4)
5 6 7&8RF R(5), LF forward(6), heels pump(7), heels down(&), LF hitch(8) (6:00)

S4: Dorothy Step, Walk, Walk, Kick, Back Tap, Turn And Sway, Shuffle Turn
1 2&LF forward(1), RF lock in(2), LF forward(&)
3 4RF forward(3), LF forward(4)
5 6RF kick forward(5), LF tap back(6)
7&8&R quarter turn and weight on RF(7) head turning R, weight back on LF(&) L quarter turn RF forward(8), L quarter turn and LF forward(&) (3:00)

Restart: In the 5th Wall, after S1:8, RF walk forward(&) and restart facing 6:00.

Enjoy the dance!