Gradually…(Chim Chim)

Jennifer Choo Sue Chin (MY) & Wendee Chen (MY) - July 2019
漸漸 (Chim Chim) by Eason Chan 陳奕迅

Intro: 4x6

Set 1 Step Kick, ¼L back twinkle End facing
1-3Step LF fwd, gradually lift RF fwd over 2 counts 12:00
4-6Step back on RF, ¼L rock LF to L (9:00), 1/8L recover on RF (7:30) 7:30

Set 2 Half Diamond Fallaway
1-3Step LF behind RF, 1/8R Step RF to R (9:00), 1/8R Cross LF over RF (10:30) 10:30
4-6Step RF fwd, 1/8R step LF to L (12:00), 1/8L step RF back (1:30) 1:30

Set 3 Back, Hook, Fwd ½R pivot
1-3Step LF back, Gradually hook RF in front of L ankle over 2 counts 1:30
4-6Step RF fwd, Step LF fwd, ½R shifting weight on RF (7:30) 7:30

Set 4 Fwd Full turn L, curvy run
1-3Step LF fwd, ½L stepping RF back (1:30), ½L stepping LF fwd (7:30) 7:30
4-6¼L curvy run fwd RF (7:30), LF (6:00), RF (4:30) 4:30

Set 5 Cross Rock Side, ½R Twinkle
1-3LF cross rock over RF, recover on RF, 1/8L Step LF to L (3:00) 3:00
4-6RF cross over LF, ¼R step LF back (6:00), ¼R Step RF to R (9:00) 9:00

Set 6 Weave, Big Step Drag
1-3LF cross over RF, Step RF to R, Step LF behind RF 9:00
4-6RF take a big step to R, Drag LF towards RF gradually over 2 counts 9:00

Set 7 ¼L Fwd Point, Back Point
1-3¼L Cross LF over RF, Point RF to R, hold 6:00
4-6Step back on RF (or execute a full Monterey turn R), Point LF to L, hold 6:00

Set 8 Progressive full turn L
1-3Step LF fwd, ½L step back on RF (12:00), step back on LF 12:00
4-6Step RF back, ½L step fwd on LF (6:00), step fwd on RF 6:00

Start again and emote to the beautiful melody!

RESTART: On Wall 4 (start 6:00), dance up to 21 counts, then RF take a big step to the R dragging LF in gradually for counts 22-24 (facing 12:00). Then restart dance on Wall 5 facing 12:00.

TAG: After Wall 7, do this 6 count tag facing 6:00:
Set 1 Fwd Waltz Basic, Back Waltz Basic End facing
1-3Step LF fwd, Step RF next to LF, Step LF next to RF 6:00
4-6Step RF back, Step LF next to RF, Step RF next to LF 6:00

Ending: Dance the whole of Wall 10 (start 6:00, end 12:00), then lunge forward on LF and hold on the last beat.