Volare Oh

Hyunji Chung (KOR), Hyun Ah Lee (KOR) & Hee Sun Lee (KOR) - July 2019
Volare - Gipsy Kings


S1, Fwd R Mambo, Back L Mambo, Rocking chair, Fwd Shuffle
1&2Step RF fwd , Recover LF, Step RF back
3&4Step LF back , Recover RF, Step LF fwd
5&6&Step RF fwd , Recover LF, Step RF back, Recover LF
7&8Step RF fwd, Step LF next to RF, Step RF fwd

S2, Pivot 1/2 R, Triple turn, Diagonal lock Step R, Diagonal lock step L
1-2Step LF fwd, 1/2 turn to R and weight change to RF
3&41/4 turn R Step LF fwd, 1/2 turn R Step RF fwd, 1/4 turn R Step LF fwd
5&6Step RF fwd to R diagonal, Lock LF behind R, Step RF Fwd
7&8Step LF Fwd to L diagonal, Lock RF behind L, Step LF Fwd

S3, 1/4 R Syncopation jazz box, cross Shuffle, Side, Recover, Behind, Side, Fwd Point
1,2&Cross RF Over L,1/4 turn R Step LF back, Step RF to R Side(9:00)
3&4Cross LF Over R, RF behind L, Cross LF Over R
5,6Step RF to R Side, Recover LF, Cross RF behind L
7&8Step LF to L Side, Step RF Fwd Point

S4, Ball, Walk, walk, Samba Fwd, Paddle L
&,1,2Step RF next to L, Walk Fwd L, R
3&4Step LF Fwd, Step RF to R Side, Step LF Fwd
5,6,7,81/4 turn L Touch RF to R Side ˟ 4(9:00)

Tag, Fwd Touch Sway, Sway
1,2Step RF Fwd touch and R Hip-Sway, Recover Weight LF(L Hip-Sway)

Enjoy dance~~~^^

Contact Hyunji Chung : Chunghyunji@naver.com
Hyun-Ah Lee : leeha5495@naver.com
Heesun Lee : twoguks@naver.com

Last Update – 21 July 2019