Cold Beer Night

Wayne Beazley (AUS) - July 2019
Cold Beer Kinda Night - LOCASH : (iTunes, Spotify)

**2 x Restarts (Wall 4 - dance to count 24, then Restart, Wall 8 - dance to count 16 then Restart).

#32 count intro, Start feet together weight on R

S 1: Step, Touch, Shuffle fwd diagonal, Repeat
123&4Step L fwd, Touch R tog, Shuffle fwd to R diagonal
567&8Step L fwd, Touch R tog Shuffle fwd to R diagonal

S 2: Step, Scuff, R Samba, ¼ L Jazz Box step
123&4Step L fwd, Scuff R beside L, R Samba
5678Step L across R, Step R back, ¼ L - Step L to side L, Step R across L (9 o'clock)
## (Restart occurs here on Wall 8)

S 3: Side L, Tog, Shuffle fwd, Rock fwd, Recover, Coaster cross
123&4Step L to side, Step R tog, Shuffle fwd LRL
567&8Rock R fwd, Recover, Step R back & Step L tog, Step R across L
## (Restart occurs here on Wall 4)

S 4: Side L, ¼ R – Touch tog, ¼ R – R to side, Touch, Freeze L
1234Step L to side, Turning ¼ R – Touch R tog, Turning ¼ R – Step R to side, Touch L tog (3 o’clock)
5678Step L to side, Step R behind L, Step L to side, Step R across L