Caminando Por La Vida CopperKnob - Linedance Stepsheets

Colin Ghys (Bel) August 2019
Caminando Por La Vida by Yano - 3'34

Info: Start the dance after 24 seconds, on the first beat of guitar

S.1 Step Right, Rock Back, Recover, Step ¼ L, Chase Turn L, Full Turn, Mambo Kick L
1-2&3RF. Step to right side - LF. Cross behind RF - RF. Recover weight - LF. ¼ left step fwd (9:00)
4&5RF. Step fwd – LF & RF. ½ turn L – RF. Step fwd (3:00)
6-7LF. ½ turn R step back - RF. ½ turn R step fwd (3:00)
8&1LF. Rock fwd - RF. Recover weight – LF. Low kick fwd

S.2 Step, Touch, Step Kick, Step Touch, Rumba Box, (Restarts*)
&2LF. Step back – RF. Touch Fwd RF (with knee creased)
&3RF. Step back – LF. Low kick fwd
&4LF. Step back – RF. Touch Fwd RF (with knee creased)
5&6RF. Step to right - LF. Close beside RF – RF. Step fwd
7&8LF. Step to left - RF. Close beside LF - LF. Step back
RESTART here wall 3 (9:00) and wall 8 (12:00)

S.3 Chasse Right, ¼ Chasse Left, ¼ Modified Jazz-box R with Shimmies
1&2RF. Step to R - LF. Close beside RF – RF. Step to R
3&4LF. ¼ turn L Step to L - RF. Close beside LF - LF. Step to L (12:00)
5-8RF. Cross over LF - LF. ¼ Turn R step back (3:00) - RF. Step to R - LF. Step Fwd

S.4 Mambo Step, Mambo Step, Touch Back, ½ Turn Unwind R. Big Step Fwd. Touch
1&2RF. Rock fwd - LF. Recover, RF. Step back
3&4LF. Rock back - RF. Recover, LF. Step fwd
5-6RF. Touch back – ½ Turn R unwind (take weight on R)
7-8LF. Make a big step fwd - RF. Touch beside LF

Wall 3 after 16 counts at 9 o’clock
Wall 8 after 16 counts at 12 o’clock

Ending of the dance: Wall 12, after 16 counts, facing 6 o’clock point RF back and make ½ to R to finish at 12 o’clock

Start Again and enjoy this dance ;-)

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