Love Is Standing Right In Front Of You CopperKnob - Linedance Stepsheets

Peter Davenport ES, August 2019
Standing Right In Front Of You, - Keith Urban

#32 Count Intro, start On Main Lyrics, Track Length 3.59
* Tag W/7 See Below

S1 Heel Toe, Shuffle Forward, Rock Replace Shuffle Back
1.2Touch L heel forward, Touch L toe back - 12
3&4Shuffle forward L.R.L - 12
5.6Rock forward on R, Recover on L - 12
7&8Shuffle back R.L.R - 12

S2 Step Back L, Point, Step Back Point, L Sailor Step, 1/4 R Sailor Step
1.2Step back on L, Point R out to R (travel back) - 12
3.4Cross R behind L, Point L out to L (travel back) - 12
5&6L Sailor step - 12
7&81/4 R, R Sailor step (bring R forward) - 3

S3 Walk forward L.R, Shuffle Forward, Rock Replace, Coaster Step
1.2Walk forward L, Walk forward R - 3
3&4Shuffle forward L.R.L - 3
5.6Rock forward R, Recover L - 3
7&8R coaster step (bring R forward) - 3

S4 Rock Replace, Shuffle 1/2 L, 1/2 L, 1/2 L, Pivot 1/4 L
1.2Rock forward L, Recover R - 3
3&4Shuffle 1/2 L, L.R.L - 9
5.61/2 L step back on R, 1/2 L step forward on L - 9
7.8Step forward R, Pivot 1/4 L (weight L) (alt steps 5.6 walk forward R.L) - 6
Tag W/7, dance counts 7.8 add Rock R over L, Recover on L, Step R to R, touch L to R

S5 Cross Rock, Chasse R, Back Rock, Side Behind 1/4 L
1.2Rock R over L, Recover L - 6
3&4Chasse R, R.L.R - 6
5.6Rock L behind R, Recover R - 6
7&8Step L to L, Cross R behind L, 1/4 L step forward on L - 3
(alternative steps for 7&8, shuffle 1/4 L stepping forward L.R.L)

S6 Step Touch, Back Kick, Back Together Twist Heels L.R
1.2Step forward R, Touch L to R - 3
3.4Step back on L, Kick R forward - 3
5.6Step back on R, Bring L to R - 3
7.8Twist both heels L.R (weight on R) – 3