Bucku Bucku CopperKnob - Linedance Stepsheets

Russibell Seoh (Hee sun Seoh) August2019
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Intro : 32 Counts

Tag : 4 Counts , After Wall 5 (3:00) &Wall 11 ( 9:00)
1234: Step R To R Side & Hip Sway R L R L

Sec 1. R Side &Hip Sway RLR, L Touch, 1/4 R Turn L Side & Hip Sway LRL ,R Touch (3:00)
1234R Side &Hip Sway R(1)L(2)R(3), L Touch Next To R
(Option:Nod your right fist up and down next to your right head.)
56781/4 R Turn Step LSide &Hip Sway L(5)R(6)L(7), R Touch Next To L (3:00) (Option: Nod your two fists up and down on both sides of your head.)

Sec2. R Rolling Vine ,1/4 L Turn Chasse, 1/4L Pivot
12341/4 R Turn Step R Fwd, 1/2 R Turn Step L Back, 1/4 R Turn Step R Side, L Touch Next To R
5&6L Side, Step R Close To L, 1/4 L Turn Step L Fwd ( 12:00)
78Step R Fwd , 1/4 L Turn Pivot ( Weight On L) ( 9:00)

Sec3. R Diagonal Side, Touch, L Diagonal Side ,Touch, R Side &Hip Roll ( From R To L) ,Both Heels Twist R L
12Step R Fwd To R Diagonal , L Touch Next To R
34Step L Fwd To L Diagonal, R Touch Next To L
56Step R Side &Hip Roll ( From R To L)
78Both Heels Twist To The R, Both Heels Twist To the L

Sec4. 1/4 R Turn Fwd R Kick, Together, 1/4 R Turn Fwd L Kick , Together, Back Walk RLRL
121/4 R Turn R Fwd Kick, Step R Next To L
( Kick your right foot from the bottom up .)
341/4 R Turn L Fwd Kick, Step L Next To R
(Kick Your L Foot From The Bottom Up) (3:00)
5678Back Walk RLRL ( Back Walk is Your Free Styling)

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