Let Me Be There

Melinda Yeung (AUS) & Willie Yeung (AUS) - September 2019
Let Me Be There - Delta Goodrem & Olivia Newton-John

Intro: 16 counts

Cross point, cross point, jazz box with cross
1234Step right across left, point left to side, step left across, point right to side
5678Cross right over left, step left back, step right to side, step left across right

Vine R with cross, rock side cross hold
1234Step right to side, left behind, right to side, left across
5678Rock right recover left, step right over left hold

Vine L with cross, rock side cross hold
1234Step left to side, right behind, left to side, right across
5678Rock left recover right, step left over right hold

Rock R fwd recover ½ turn step hold, rock L fwd recover ¼ turn step hold
1234Rock right fwd recover left turn ½ R step right hold (6.00)
5678Rock left fwd recover right turn ¼ L step left hold (3.00)

Restart: Wall 5 (facing 12.00) dance to 15 counts step left to side and restart

Ending: Last wall start from back wall dance to 16 counts turn ½ to front

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Mobile: 0411653368