Hello…September Wind

Beginner / Intermediate
Shin-ichiro Baba – September 2019
Hello by Sugarland (CD: Twice the Speed of Life)

Intro: 16 counts.
Start dance on vocal: Listen to “It was” and start dancing from “born”

Sec-1: R-Side, Touch, L-Side, Touch, Back, Heel Touch, Step, Brush,Shuffle Forward, Brush, Rock, Recover, Back
1&2&Step R to right side, touch L together R, step L to left side, touch R together L
3&4&Step back on R, touch L heel to forward, step slightly back on L, brash forward on R
5&6Step forward on R, step L next to R, step forward on R
7&8Rock forward on left, recover weight to R, step back on L

Sec-2: Sweep Back R, Sweep Back L, Sailor ¼ Turn,Shuffle Forward, Rock, Recover, Side
1-2Sweep R from front to back, sweep L from front to back
3&4Step R behind L, turn ¼ right step L to left side (on the spot), step R forward
 *RESTART-1: here on wall 3, count 12 (facing 9:00)
5&6Step L forward, step R behind left, step L forward
7&8Rock forward on R, recover weight to L, step R to right side

Sec-3: Weave R, Cross Rock, Recover, Side, Cross, Side, Heel, Together, Cross, Turn ¼, Side, Together
1&2&Cross L over R, step R to right side, cross L behind R, step R to right side
3&4Cross rock L over R, recover weight to R, step L to left side
5&6&Cross R over L, step L to left side, touch R heel on the spot, step R together L
7&8&Cross L over R, turn ¼ left and stepping R back, step L to left side, step R together

Sec-4: L-Side, Drag, Step ¼ R, Sweep L, Cross, Back, Diagonal Back, Cross Unwind ½
1-2Step L long step to left side, dragging R toward L and touch
3-4Turn ¼ right stepping R forward and sweeping L from back to front
 *RESTART-2: here on wall 7, count 28 (facing 3:00)
5&6Cross L over R, step back on R, step L to left diagonal back
7-8Cross R over L, turn ½ left (shifting weight on L)


RESTART-1: Replace count 4 (step R forward) above with “touch R together”

RESTART-2: Replace count 4 (sweeping L) above with “sweeping L from back to front and cross L over R”

Ending: After 12 counts of Wall 10, slow L shuffle forward to finish. (facing 12:00)

CCW Rotate Dance: Facing Walls
Wall 1- 12:00, Wall 2- 9:00, Wall 3- 6:00, Wall 4- 9:00, Wall 5- 6:00,
Wall 6- 3:00, Wall 7- 12:00, Wall 8- 3:00, Wall 9- 12:00, Wall 10- 9:00

Enjoy the dance…

Contact: cdrive@countrydance.jp