Everybody Falls In Love Again CopperKnob - Linedance Stepsheets

Francien Sittrop (September 2019)
Ruud Hermans – Everybody Falls in Love Again

Intro: 32 counts

Weave, Rock Across Recover, Chassé
1-4RF cross over, LF step side, RF cross behind, LF step side
5-6RF rock across, LF recover
7&8RF step side, LF together, RF step side

Weave, Rock Across Recover, Chassé
1-4LF cross over, RF step side, LF cross behind, RF step side
5-6LF rock across, RF recover
7&8LF step side, RF together, LF step side

Pivot ¼ L x2, Fwd, ¼ R Sweep, Shuffle Fwd
1-2RF step forward, R+L ¼ turn left
3-4RF step forward, R+L ¼ turn left
5-6RF step forward, LF ¼ right sweep forward
7&8LF step forward, RF step beside, LF step forward

Side, Together, Back x3, Point Across, Fwd, Scuff
1-2RF step side, LF together
3-4RF step back, LF step back
5-6RF step back, LF point across
7-8LF step forward, RF scuff [9]

Start again

Ending: Dance the 14th wall up to and including count 20 (count 4 of the 3rd section) and end with:
5-6RF step forward, LF scuff
7-8LF cross over, L+R ¾ turn right [12]

Last Update – 29 Sept. 2019