You're Gonna Miss Me CopperKnob - Linedance Stepsheets

Honky Tonk Cliff (UK) October 2019
You're Gonna Miss Me When I'm Gone by Brooks and Dunn. CD The Greatest Hits Collection also on ITunes

Intro : 32 Counts

[1-8] Vine, Tap, Vine, Brush.
1-4Step right to side, Cross left behind, Step right to side, Tap left at side of right.
5-8Step left to side, Cross right behind, Step left to side, Brush right across left.

[1-8] Cross Rock, Recover, Rock Back, Recover, Jazz Box, Cross.
1-4Cross rock right over left, Recover onto left, Rock back on right, Recover onto left.
5-8Cross right over left, Step back on left, Step right to side, Cross left over right.

[1-8] Rumba, Tap, Rumba. Kick.
1-4Step right to side, Close left at side, Step forward on right, Tap left at side.
5-8Step left to side, Close right at side, Step back on left, Kick right forward.

[1-8] Coaster Step,Hold,Step 1/4 Pivot, Cross, Hold.
1-4Step back on right, Close left at side, Step forward on right, Hold.
5-8Step forward on left, 1/4 turn onto right, Cross left over right, Hold.

[1-8] Hinge 1/2, Cross, Side,Sailor 1/4, Point.
1-21/4 turn left back on right, 1/4 turn left onto left at side.
3-4Cross right over left, Step left to side.
5-6Sweep right 1/4 turn right cross behind left, Rock out onto left.
7-8Recover onto right, Point left .

[1-8] Step, Tap, Back, 1/2, Step,1/2, Walk, Walk.
1-4Step forward left,Tap right at back, Step right back,1/2 turn left onto left.
5-8Step forward on right, 1/2 pivot left, Walk forward right sweep left, left sweep right.
* (Restart Here on Wall 5).

[1-8] Weave, Sweep, Weave, Sweep.
1-4Cross right over, Step left at side, Cross right behind, Sweep left to back.
5-8Cross left behind, Step right to side, Cross left in front, Sweep right to front.

[1-8] Step,Tap,Back,1/2,Step, Cross Rock, Recover,Step,Tap.
1-4Step forward right,Tap left at back, Step left back,1/2 turn right onto right.
5-8Cross left over right, Recover onto right, Step left to side, Tap right at side .

* Re Start 48 Counts on Wall 5 After Instrumental.