Loved by a Country Boy CopperKnob - Linedance Stepsheets

David LECAILLON / October 2019
« Loved by a Country Boy » by Trea Landon

intro 16 counts

section 1 : step, together, triple step right, cross rock , left triple side
1-2step Rf on Right side , step Lf next to Right
3&4step Rf on Right side, Lf next to Right, Rf on Right side
5-6cross Lf over Rf, recover on Rf
7&8step Lf foward, step Rf next to Lf , step Lf on Left side

section 2 : Right rock back, triple ½ turn Left , left rock back, left triple foward
1-2step Rf back , recover on Left
3&4½ turn left , step Rf back, step Lf next to Rf , step Rf back 6:00
5-6step Lf back, recover on Right
7&8step Lf foward, Rf next to Left , step Lf foward

section 3 step ¼ turn left, step ¼ turn left , jazz box ½ turn right
1-2step Rf foward , ¼ turn left 3:00
3-4step Rf foward , ¼ turn Left 12:00
5-6-7-8cross Rf over Lf, ¼ turn Right step Lf back , ¼ turn Right step Rf foward , step Lf near Rf 6:00

section 4 : Right rock back, right triple foward, walk, walk, left scissor cross
1-2step Rf back, recover on Left
3&4step Rf foward , Lf next to Rf , step Rf foward
5-6step Lf foward , step Rf foward ( option full turn on Right)
7&8step Lf on Left side, step Rf next to Lf , cross Lf over Rf

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