Taillight Storm

Nicole Woodley (NZ) - October 2019
Nothin' but Taillights - Trace Adkins

Intro: 16 counts in on vocals, Start with weight on L.

[1-8] R Fwd Diagonal Touch, Hold, Heel Bounce, L Fwd Diagonal Touch, Hold, Heel Bounce.
1 2Step fwd R on R diagonal, touch L next to R
3 4Hold, bounce both heels,
5 6Step fwd L on L diagonal, touch R next to L
7 8Hold, bounce both heels.

[9-16] R Back Diagonal Touch, L Back Diagonal Close, Walk Back L, R, L, R Heel Hook.
1 2Step back R on R diagonal, touch L next to R (clap),
3 4Step back L on L diagonal, close R next to L (clap),
5 6Step back on L, step back on R,
7 8Step back on L, R heel hook over L shin.

[17-24] Lock Step R, Scuff, Lock Step L, Scuff.
1 2R diagonal step fwd, lock L behind R,
3 4Step R fwd, scuff L next to R,
5 6L diagonal step fwd, lock R behind L,
7 8Step L fwd, scuff R next to L.

[25-32] Cross Weave , L ¼ Turn, Walk Back R, L, R together, Bounce.
1 2Cross R over L, step L to L side,
3 4Cross R behind L, L ¼ turn (facing 9:00 wall) stepping L fwd,
5 6Step back R, step back L,
7 8Touch R next to L, bounce both heels.

Start dance again facing 9:00 wall.

Contact: Nicole Woodley
Email: colemair98@gmail.com
Phone: 0223143266