Adventure at Sea

Sarah Preston - October 2019
Best Adventure - Leaving Thomas

Sea Cruise by Jimmy Buffet
Floor Split for Soul Shake Fred Whitehouse) Tommy Castro
Floor Split for Nothing But You (Darren Bailey) Leaving Austin
Floor Split for Almost Saturday Night (Kinser et al) Keith Urban/John Fogerty

Walk, Walk Triple Step forward, repeat
1 – 2Walk forward R, L
3 & 4Triple Step forward R-L-R
5 - 6Walk forward L, R
7 & 8Triple Step forward L-R-L

Step Touches
1 – 2Step R forward diagonally to R, touch L next to R
3 – 4Step back on L, touch R next to L
5 – 6Make 1/4 turn to R, stepping R to R side, touch L next to R
7 – 8Step L to L, touch R next to L

Rolling turn to right, Grapevine Left with 1/4 turn Left
1 – 2Make 1/4 turn to R stepping on R, step back on L turning 1/2 to R,
3 – 4Step forward on R turning 1/4 to R, touch L next to R
5 – 6Step L to L, cross R behind L
7 - 8Make 1/4 turn lL stepping on L, touch/brush R next to L

Rocking Chair, 2 1/4 pivot tuns to L
1 – 2Rock forward on R, recover weight to L
3 – 4Rock back on L, recover weight to R
5 – 6Step R forward, pivot 1/4 to L, changing weight to L
7 – 8Step R forward, pivot 1/4 to L, changing weight to L

Smile & Start again

Optional Bonus turns:
*During the 3rd set feel free to do a 1 1/4 turn left instead of the grapevine
*Replace the Rocking Chair in the 4th set with 2 half-pivot turns to L!
*Feel free to make up your own variations and ENJOY!!!!

Please check out the partner version of this dance: Sea 2 Sea!