Take My Words CopperKnob - Linedance Stepsheets

Annelise Vestergaard - DK (October 2019)
Write This Down by George Strait (CD: 50 Number Ones)

Intro: 32 counts – 1 Restart

Section 1: Rocking Chair, Jazz Box ¼ turn right
1-2Rock forward on Right, Recover on Left
3-4Rock back on Right, Recover on Left
5-6Cross Right over Left, Step back on Left
7-8Step ¼ Right by stepping forward on Right, Step forward on Left

Section 2: Step Right, Sway x 2, Cross Left over Right, Lockstep Back, Step ¼ turn Left
1-2Step Right to Right Swaying Hips to Right, Sway Hips to Left
3-4Sway Hips to Right, Cross Left over Right
5-6Step back on Right, Lock Left over Right
7-8Step back on Right, Turn ¼ Left stepping Left to Left Side

Section 3: Cross forward, Point, Cross Back, Point, ¼ Pivot Left, Stomp Up, Hold, Clap
1-2Cross Right over Left, Point Left to Left Side
3-4Cross Left behind Right, Point Right to Right Side
5-6Step Right forward, ¼ turn Left stepping forward on Left
7-8Stomp Up Right, weight stays on Left, Hold and Clap
At cross point 1-4, bend slightly to the knees

Section 4: Long Step Right, Drag, Back Rock, Grapevine Left, Touch Right
1-2Large step to the right on the right foot, Drag Left food to Right
3-4Rock Left behind Right, Recover on Right
5-6Step Left to Left side, Cross Right behind Left
7-8Step Left to Left side, Touch Right next to Left

Restart on Wall 5, after count 24, facing 9:00

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