'Cause I Don't Care …

Freya Steinhagen (DE) - October 2019
I Don't Care - Ed Sheeran & Justin Bieber

Intro: 8 counts

Side, Back Rock, Side, Back Rock, 2 Paddle Turns
1, 2&Step RF to right side, Step LF behind RF, Recover to RF,
3, 4&Step LF to left side, Step RF behind LF, Recover to LF
5, 6Step RF fwd, Turn ¼ left (9:00)
7, 8Step RF fwd, Turn ¼ left (6:00)

Back, Back, Vaudeville Step & Walk, Walk, Vaudeville Step
1, 2Step back RF, Step back LF
3&4&Sweep RF across LF, Step LF back, RF Heel Diag right fwd, Step RF next to LF
5, 6Step fwd LF, Step fwd RF
7&8&Sweep LF across RF, Step RF back, LF heel Diag left fwd, Step LF next to RF

Fwd Mambo, Back Mambo, Side Rock, Hitch, Side Rock Turn
1&2Rock RF fwd, recover LF, step RF beside LF
3&4Rock LF back, recover RF, step LF beside RF
5, 6Rock RF to right side, Recover on LF
7&8RF Hitch, ¼ turn left, RF rock to right side, LF Recover weight (9:00)

Lock Shuffle fwd, Step, ½ Turn, Lock Shuffle fwd, ½ Turn, ½ Turn
1&2Step RF fwd, lock LF behind RF, step RF fwd
3, 4Step LF fwd, ½ turn right (3:00)
5&6Step LF fwd, lock RF behind LF, step LF fwd
7, 81/2 turn left step RF behind LF, ½ turn left step LF in front of RF (3:00)

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