Sambada Boogiewoo CopperKnob - Linedance Stepsheets

Low Intermediate
Hanna Pitkänen and Laura Pitkänen (FI), May 2019
Haloo Helsinki – Ei Suomalaiset Tanssi (Spotify)

Intro: 32 couts

[1-8]: Step R L, shuffle R, Step L, ½ turn R on spot, shuffle fwd R
1-2Step R fwd, step L next to R
3&4Step R to side, step L next to R, step R to side
She sings “Cha cha”, dance with cha chan technique
5-6Step L fwd, turn ½ R with weight on L
7&8Step R fwd, step L next to R, step R fwd
She sings “polkkaa”, dance with polka tecnique

[9-16] Pivot ½ R, L samba cross, hop fwd, hop back, hop fwd x 3
1-2Step L fwd, turn ½ R shifting weight to R
3&4Cross L over R, step R to side, recover L (cross rock recover)
She sings “sambadaa”
5-6Hop fwd feet together, hop back feet together
7&8Hop fwd 3 times feet together **
She sings “letkajenkkaa” (small hops, knees bend)

[17-25] Skate R, ¼ turn L with a skate L, boogie walks x 3, ¼ turn L, rock back R, full triple turn L
1-2Skate R, turn ¼ L skate to L
3&4Run R, L, R or do boogie walks
5-6Turn ¼ L step L fwd, recover R (prep for turn L)
Twist upper body ¼ R to prep for a full turn over L shoulder
7&8step L fwd, turn ½ R step back R, turn ½ R step L fwd
Easier option: run L, R, L

[26-33] Pivot ¼ L x 3, curtsey or bow
1-2Step fwd R, turn ¼ L shifting weight to L
3-4Step fwd R, turn ¼ L shifting weight to L
5-6Step fwd R, turn ¼ L shifting weight to L *
7-8curtsey (men can bow), straighten legs (9:00)

*TAGS 1&2: End of walls 3 (3:00) and wall 7 (6:00), change the curtsey or bow
1-2, 3-4, 5-6Hop fwd, hop back feet together, flick R, shimmy sholders.

**RESTART: On wall 4, after 16 counts there´s a 4 count break, pose and start again (3:00)

ENDING: On wall 11 (starting 9:00) dance until count 8, turn ½ R step back L, turn ¼ R step R to side (12:00)

Have fun!

Last Update – 7 Nov. 2019