Have A Little Faith

High Improver
Mathew Sinyard (UK) November 2019
Faith - Galantis (with Dolly Parton) Ft. Mr. Probz

Intro: 32 Counts (Approx. 20 seconds)
No Tags or Restarts!!!

Section 1 Walk R L, Out Out Back, Lock Step Back, Touch Back Unwind 1/2.
1 2Step forward right, step forward left.
& 3 4Step right out to right side, step left out to left side, step right back.
5 & 6Step back on left, lock right in front of left, step back on left.
7 8Touch right toe back, unwind 1/2 turn right on to right.

Section 2 Ball Step Point & Point, Touch Across, Chasse Right, Cross 1/4 Side.
& 1 2Step ball of left beside right, step forward right, point left to left side.
& 3 4Step left beside right, point right to right side, touch right in front of left.
5 & 6Step right to right side, step left beside right, step right to right side.
7 & 8Cross left in front of right, make a 1/4 turn left stepping back on right, step left to side.

Section 3 Behind 1/4 Step, Step Lock Step, Mambo Step, Back Drag.
1 & 2Cross right behind left, make a 1/4 turn left stepping forward left, step right forward.
3 & 4Step forward on left, lock right behind left, step left forward.
5 & 6Rock forward on right, recover on to left, step right back slightly.
7 8Take a big step back on left, drag right towards left.

Section 4 Ball Step Sweep, Step Sweep, Ball Point & Point, Sailor 1/2.
& 1 2Step ball of right beside left, step left forward, sweep right forward.
3 4Step right forward, sweep left forward.
& 5 & 6Step on to left, point right to side, step right beside left, point left to side.
7 & 8Cross left behind right, make a 1/4 left stepping on to right, make another 1/4 turn left stepping forward on to left.

Have Fun & Enjoy X

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