DAT (Do a Ting)

Pamela LASHLEY - November 2019

Restart; There is a Restart on wall 2 after 40 counts, facing 6:00
Tags: There are 3 tags - At the end of wall 1 , 3 and 5.
Tag: Sway Right, Left, Right, Left

{1-8} Mambo x 2, Shuffle X 2
1&2 -RT Mambo Fwd
3&4 -LT Mambo Fwd
5&6 -Shuffle Fwd on RT
7&8 -Shuffle Fwd on LT

{9-16} Mambo x2, , RT to side, Replace, LT to side, Replace
1&2 -RT Mambo back
3&4 -LT Mambo back
5, 6 -RT to right side, replace
7, 8 -LT to left side, replace

[17-24] Back Shuffle, LT back, RT to right, Back Shuffle, RT back, LT close
1&2 -RT shuffle back at an 1/8 facing RT side
3, 4 -step back on LT, squaring back to 12:00, step RT to right side
5&6 -LT shuffle back at an 1/8 facing LT side
7, 8 -step back on RT, squaring back to 12:00, close LT next to right

{25-32} Rumba box, Side together Side, Chase Turn
1&2 -RT to right side, LT next to right, step RT fwd
3&4 -LT to left side, RT next to LT, Step LT back
5&6 -Step RT to right side, close LT next to RT step RT to side turning a 1/4 to RT
7&8 -Step LT fwd, Pivot 1/2 turning RT, step LT fwd

{33-40} Syncopated Weave x 2
1&2 -Cross RT over LT, LT to side, RT behind LT
&3&4 -LT to side, RT over LT, LT to side, recover on RT
5&6 -Cross LT over RT, RT to side, LT behind RT
&7&8 -RT to side, LT over RT, RT to side, recover on LT

{41-48} Shuffle x2, RT fwd, Twist x 2, RT tap
1&2 -RT shuffle fwd 1/8 to the LT
3&4 -LT shuffle fwd 1/8 to the RT
5, 6 -Step RT fwd squaring up to 12:00, Twist knees to LT
7, 8 -Twist back in place with weight on LT, tap RT next to LT

Happy Dancing